RSL has three extremely interesting young players who have the potential to really excel this year (and hopefully will):

  • Luis Gil, still just 19. Has been hyped as a key to the future of the USMNT. Has had limited success thus far with RSL. Will the departure of Will Johnson open up more opportunity? Could this be the year that he shows how dynamic of a midfielder he can be?


  • Joao Plata, a 20-year old who can fly. However, you’d be underestimating him if you thought that’s all he had to his game. He’s good with the ball at his feet, and has a solid technical understanding of the game. To this point that hasn’t translated into a ton of professional goals. Will he put it all together this season?


  • Olmes Garcia, a 20-year old Colombian and RSL’s newest acquisition. The youngster has started 36 matches in the last two seasons with Deportes Quindio. Preliminary reports indicate that he’s a speedy player with excellent dribbling skills. He’s also reportedly tall and strong. He’s been playing for a smaller club in Colombia that lacks the resources of their much larger counterparts. Like Plata, his skills have yet to translate into goals. Could this situation prove to be right for him?


What are your thoughts? Which of these youngsters are you betting on this season? Does the success of RSL depend on one or more of them making an impact?

3 Responses to “Do Three RSL Youngsters Hold Key to 2013 Season?”

  1. nanc says:

    While I know nothing about Garcia, Gil and Plata have a ton of potential. Giving our midfield a speedy option as an outlet pass is going to be huge with plata (and findley for that matter) Something Espindola tried to do but could never capitalize on. I am very excited to see how Gil does with the US u-20 team in the next few weeks.

  2. Nussdorfer AC says:

    One issue with a speedy forward is there needs to be support from the midfield in the attack. Last year Espindola would push forward and then prepare to send in a cross or play it back and no support was there. An option like Findley or Plata may allow for a more direct attack.

  3. Ryan says:

    I always fear, how long do we think Gil has left at RSL before he’s snatched up by some big European club? We all know the potential he has and how great he can be and will be. Kid’s got a bright future. I hope this is his breakout year for us, when he finally becomes a regular in the starting 11.

    Also, to comment on Plata, the kid can obviously score goals, and he’s fast as hell. It seems to me you can take a top-class striker and put him in Toronto, and he’ll score 80% less goals than he normally would. I’m very excited to see how Plata does with a very strong, talented, and experienced midfield behind him. Having Javi alone in the midfield will open up many more chances for Plata to show what he can really do.

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