This is meant to be just a sketch of Real Salt Lake’s salary cap for the 2013 season. There are still a number of unknowns about the roster, and I’ve made the following assumptions that I’ll work to fine tune over the coming weeks:


1) I initially heard that Morales will NOT be a DP this season, but have heard recently that he in fact will hit the DP threshold.

2) For most players, I’ve built in standard 5% increases, however the Collective Bargaining Agreement allows for greater automatic increases if certain conditions are met. I haven’t done the analysis for this yet.

3) For the mystery Colombian striker I’ve estimated an amount that includes a guess at his salary and amortization of transfer fees.

4) I have estimated salaries for Palmer, Stephenson and Saunders. Although they’ve parted ways with former clubs, salary expectations reflect their veteran status.

5) I’ve left Jeff Attinella and Lalo Fernandez on the roster, although if Saunders is signed, I think carrying a fourth GK is unlikely. However, the squad may substitue an additional position player in the roster.

6) It’s possible that Grossman, Plata or Maund could occupy an off-budget spot. However, RSL could also add additional players into apprentice spots, or homegrown slots.


2013 RSL Salary Cap

While there is a lot of guesswork in the individual salaries, the bigger guesswork comes  in the section near the bottom. Bonuses, acquisition fees and allocation money has very little visibility to it. I feel like the allocation number is at least in the ballpark based on some information that I do have, but the bonuses and acquisition fees are just intuition and have little basis in fact.

What are your thoughts? Are any of these players undervalued at these amounts? Is RSL more wisely allocating its cap funds than in prior years? How would you like to see them spend their available cap differently?


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  1. Matt Thompson says:

    You could plug in another 72,000 for Saunders, if he signs.

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