Welcome to the 2013 version of Keepin’ It Real. We hope you like what you see, and we’d love to see you visit us frequently.┬áPardon the construction as we’re still tweaking, but we wanted to get this out to you as soon as we could.

For those long-time followers of Keepin’ It Real, you’ve seen a few different formats for the blog. You’ve also seen periods of consistent updates, and periods of consistent silence. Well here is what you can expect for 2013:

A Better Look: Thanks to the efforts of Luke and Colton who are new to the blog, the site looks better than it ever has, don’t you think?

More Consistent Content: As some of you know I did some writing for MLSsoccer.com for a couple of seasons which took away from my involvement with the blog. Since that’s over, and with the addition of Luke and Colton, we will have much more ability to provide consistent content.

More Gameday Content: Game day content has never been a consistent strength of Keepin’ It Real. We’ve always been strong with news and some analysis, but we have plans to bring you much more info around all of the games.

Spanish Language Content: We feel that a void has existed in the RSL blogoshpere with Spanish language content, and we plan to do something about that. Look for future updates under “Noticias”.

Improved Photography: Thanks to the skills of Colton, we expect to bring you some quality game day photography this year. Look for it in the gallery.

A New Address: While you can still reach us at www.keepinitrealsoccer.com, now you can also find us at www.kirsoccer.com

A Fun, Interactive Environment: We want you to be involved, and want to create a dialogue among all of us RSL fans. Join us, won’t you?

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  2. Bohris says:

    Sounds fun.

  3. Mark says:

    Came here to check out the Uribe rumor. It’s been a while since I’ve been here, and I gotta say it looks great!!!

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