The Timbers held their training session today at 10:00 am, ahead of RSL’s 1:30 practice time. The training session was closed to the media, but we did get the chance to chat with three of the Timbers players.

Rodney Wallace had a very low-key discussion with the media:

“We know we’re capable of coming back from two goals. We’ve shown it throughout the year at home that we can score more than two goals. The team’s in good spirits. Everyone is happy, but at the same time focused.”

“We’re just focused on what we have to do tomorrow as a team at home.”

“Our normal game is coming out from the first minute, firing and pressing. Nothings going to change in that respect.”

Michael Harrington was a bit more reflective:

“Our focus is to score two goals or more and then get a shut-out.”

“They’re a good team. They’re a smart team. I don’t expect them to sit in because they know if they do that then that might not go so well for them.”

“This is a special group here. Regardless of what happens here it’s been a special year.”

“We want to come out tomorrow and just give everything we have for the fans.”

Donovan Ricketts added the quote of the day:

“The crowd is fantastic, especially when we attack the “Army”. So Salt Lake should be worried, not us.”


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