Here is a collection of quotes gathered from the aftermath of Saturday’s 1:1 draw between the Colorado Rapids and Real Salt Lake. Enjoy!

Jason Kreis on the partnership forming between Alvaro Saborio and Joao Plata:

So far so good. Plata with two passes for two goals for Sabo in the first 3 games. That’s obviously a very good thing. I think in all three of the matches Plata’s come on and given us a little bit of energy and given us a little bit of a different look. He’s been a pretty dangerous player, and so I’m pleased.

Jason Kreis on the performance of Robbie Findley:

Robbie needs to remember to find the right gaps where he can be the most effective, and typically that’s trying to find gaps between center backs or between center backs and wide back and try to get in behind as often as possible. I thought today he did a good job of that – got himself into some really good spots in the first half. Unfortunately he really should have finished.

Jason Kreis on the duo of Kwame Watson-Siriboe and Chris Schuler:

I think they’ve both had pretty strong performances. I don’t think either one of them has had all of the 90 minutes where they were very, very good and very, very effective. Both of them are still making a few too many errors on the ball but truthfully a lot of our players made a too few many errors on the ball tonight.

Beckerman on the young midfield that RSL has fielded:

It’s a bit here and there. Today I thought it was a lot better at times. It seemed like we had the ball the whole time, except when they countered. It can still improve, and I think the more we play together, and once we get some injured guys back it will be a little bit more cohesive.

Oscar Pareja on the performance of Deshorn Brown:

One of the things that we are proud with the club is that the club is getting younger. When you see Deshorn scoring and getting his first MLS goal, it’s fantastic. I know there are many more to come for him.

Oscar Pareja on the play of reserve GK Clint Irwin’s MLS debut:

Excellent. His first MLS game. He came up big today with a lot of pressure. I thought he did very well. We are trying to develop the mentality that for us training and preparation means a lot and he has been working very hard and he deserved to be number 2. That is going to make it all better, that competition.

Drew Moor on the Rapids defense:

We feel extremely solid. I feel as solid defensively this year as I have a couple years with the Rapids. I think our mentality is there’s a 4-3-3 and we want to be solid defensively. We don’t want to give up easy chances. We don’t want to sit and bunker in and just absorb a bunch of pressure. We want to eliminate other team’s chances, and I thought we did a good job of that today.

Drew Moor on the injury to Matt Pickens:

Pickens is not just a big part as the goalkeeper, but he’s a big part of this team. He’s a leader. He’s been here a long time and everybody looks up to him. It just sounded and looked like a brutal injury. We hope him nothing but the best, but we’ve got two fantastic goalkeepers behind him that can fill in and do a solid job. Clint showed today that he’s only been around a couple months with the club and that’s his debut and he was fantastic. It’s a freak incident, but it’s something that happened and you just hope that he heals quickly. I think everyone that was in the vicinity heard it. It was bad. We’ve seen a couple of these now, and it’s never fun.

Clint Irwin on his debut:

I think I did pretty well. It’s crazy. If you would have told me two years ago, I’d be here, I probably wouldn’t believe you. It just feels incredible, especially to debut in that kind of atmosphere. I mean, our supporters were incredible. You could hear them the whole game. They were just spurring us on. It was just an incredible feeling. It still seems a little bit unreal but that’s the game, you just got to be ready for what happens.

Deshorn Brown on his first professional goal:

That’s just me – I’m not going to give up. I saw the defender go around and turned me the ball, and he made a silly mistake and I tore it off his foot and I just go straight to goal and just hit it. It was a great feeling. I scored my first professional goal and it was a great feeling. We were hopeful to get the three points, but we got one point. I think we came out here and did really well. I’ve been fighting in training to try to get on the field. Even though the main strikers are really out and injured and stuff like that, I’m just trying to do the best I can to help the team.

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