It was a tough battle for both teams tonight. RSL struggled at times, but on the whole it wasn’t a poor showing from RSL. This match could have easily ended with a 0-0 draw if not for about a 5 minute loss of concentration. RSL struggled to put much of an attack together, but the defense held strong and kept them in it. Nick Rimando made several nice saves. After a poorly defended DC United corner kick, the ball was settled by John Thorrington who sent in a clever chip shot which sent Rimando sprawling for the save. Unfortunately, the rebound came right back to an unmarked Lionard Pajoy who had an easy header for the only goal of the match.

This match extended the home unbeaten streak of DC United to 19 games, as well as RSL’s winless streak at RFK.

Look for RSL to rebound next week in the home opener against rival Colorado. Follow the complete match coverage here.

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Match Highlights

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