Just one read that you might have missed, but it’s a good one: MLSsoccer.com

It turns out that the deal between RSL and Toronto for Joao Plata was a late night deal. It started at 1 am the night before the Superdraft and a deal was struck by 2:30 am. I’m assuming that’s pretty fast by MLS standards for a trade. Although, not nearly as fast as Plata’s goal 20 seconds into a preseason match against the New York Red Bulls last week.

But the more interesting part of this story was this admission by Lagerwey that he might not be done dealing.

“March 1 is the deadline [for roster submission]. We have I’d say between two and five different things to decide on or move on before then,” he continued. “We probably aren’t done with everything yet. If something else pops up, we are always open to taking a look.”

What are your thoughts on this? What kind of deals do you think the club could still be entertaining? What do you think remain as the biggest needs for the squad?

2 Responses to “RSL Roundup: RSL Still Dealing? Plata Details”

  1. Francesco says:

    Khari, Saunders, a home grown player, there’s three examples of TBD deals

  2. Randy says:

    Ah, there you go trying to spoil all the fun. The thought had crossed my mind, but I think there may be a bit more to it than that. It’s possible that you’ll see a player or two released, and another player added to take their place. I don’t have any specific knowledge of this – just my own observations during preseason. I think there are a couple of spots they’d like to upgrade. Whether they can do it relatively cheaply, I’m not sure.

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