Last night RSL got its first back to back wins this season thanks to a huge PK save in stoppage time by veteran GK Nick Rimando.

In the post game interviews Jason Kreis had this to say about Nick’s performance:

“Nick [Rimando] is probably playing the best that I’ve ever seen him play.  Says a lot for his age and where he’s at in his career.  But, he’s looking incredibly confident right now and incredibly positive and he’s been a huge contributor to every result we’ve had.”

Nick has continued to come up huge for RSL time and time again and last night was no exception. I thought he played extremely well and although it was a poorly taken PK by Sene, securing the win in stoppage time is no small feat.

Rimando had this to say about the PK:

“The one thing that is going through my mind is how much Jason [Kreis] has been stressing about getting two victories in a row and how we almost slipped it away with a penalty kick at the end of the game. I am trying to help my team out as much as I can and lucky for me [Saer] Sene helped me I think on the save on that one. But you know a save is a save and we’ll take the three points.”

“[Sene telegraphed it] a little bit, yea. We had Ned Grabavoy in his ear a little bit, kind of telegraphed it a little bit.”

“I almost felt like I over-dove. It hit my legs and I thought for sure it was going to go right back to him, but luckily Kyle [Beckerman] did a great job in covering me and getting the ball out for a corner.”

Here are some interesting facts for you:

 - Opposing PK takers are now 41-for-60 (68%) against Rimando

 - Rimando’s current PK Save % is at 31.67%

 - The league save % (w/o Rimando) is 23% vs his 31%

 - Of those GK’s who have faced 10 or more PK’s only DJ Countess, Scott Garlick and Tom Presthus are in the 30% range.

 - That means 3 of the 4 GK’s with 30+% PK saves have played for RSL. (Garlick, Countess, Rimando)

What are your thoughts on the game and on the play of Rimando?

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