On playing in front of home town fans:

“It’s great. It’s something that you look forward to. It doesn’t happen often, and it could be the last time. You never know. It’s something I’m really excited about and looking forward to.”

On the 12 goal outburst in last two matches:

“I don’t think you ever expect to score that many goals, but we’ve really been focused. Training has been really good, and we’re making sure we get after these teams early. Sometimes if you don’t get early goals these teams can really stay in it, get some confidence and you find yourself in a dogfight. So we really did a pretty professional job in really taking care of business.”

On getting a chance from Klinsmann to perform in front of his home crowd:

“It’s great. I’m just really excited. Anytime that you get to play for the national team is an honor. I’m just going to get out there and do my thing.”

On his sweet assist to Chris Wondowlowski for his second goal against Belize:

“I thought I put it in a pretty good area and was just hoping that he finished it so we could get that extra goal. It’s just part of the game. You try to do the little things. A lot of my position is not the stats stuff, but it’s always great to get on there sometimes.”

On some missed goal scoring chances in San Diego against Guatemala:

“A couple of tough ones – it kind of happened pretty quickly. That’s soccer. I’ve just got to be ready for the next one.”

On the status of soccer in the state of Utah:

“It’s a great place to be for soccer, that’s for sure. It’s really a credit to the fans and the people here. They’ve really taken soccer and pushed it to the forefront. It’s awesome and we’re really excited. I know some of the guys haven’t played here and there really excited because they’ve heard only good things about it.”

On having 3 RSL players on the roster, and 2 of them in starting XI for first two matches:

“It’s great. It shows a lot of our team. We’ve known that if we do well as a team with Salt Lake that guys are going to get rewarded with national team callups. So it’s just a testament to the coaching staff, to the club that have really put in a lot of hard work to make us a great team here. Guys are getting rewarded for it now.”

On difference in playing for Klinsmann compared to Kreis:

“There’s a lot of overlap. They’re both forwards, and they both scored a lot of goals. One of the things that’s similar is that they’re both cutthroat in front of goal. They want goals. They want them right away – first chance. So that’s what we train in practice, both with the national team and with Real Salt Lake. They’re just so passionate, good people, and they’re coaches that you want to fight for.”

On how easy it comes playing with different players in the midfield:

“Sometimes it does. For the most part it’s the same stuff, but sometimes you find yourself in different positions that you wouldn’t in a different formation. Everybody are such good players that it’s really easy to gel with everyone.”

On his recollection of playing for the USMNT at Rio Tinto Stadium against El Salvador:

“It was such an amazing feeling. The place erupted. It was something I was looking forwarded to going in to get the chance to get in that game. It wasn’t probably my greatest performance so it’s one that I want to get back. It was a lot of fun and the fans really showed well. We were able to get a win, so hopefully we can continue that on Saturday.”

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