On how valuable this tournament is:

“It’s very clear. Juergen’s made it very clear to us that this is a very important tournament. Mexico has taken the Cup the last two years, and we want it back. We want to be the best in the region. We want to put soccer back on the map where it should be. This is one step in that direction, for sure.”

On the first two games:

“I thought the results were great. We wanted to win both games and obviously get the confidence going for the Gold Cup. And to start the Gold Cup with a very convincing win 6-1 gives us confidence going into the next match at Rio Tinto.”

On playing in front of home crowd:

“I got a taste of it last month. It will be weird wearing a different crest, but once you cross those lines, I’m familiar with the field and those fans and so hopefully it will feel the same.”

On the 12-1 scoreline in the last two matches:

“I wouldn’t say it’s surprising, but it’s something that we’ll take. Good teams – you never know what you’ll be thrown at with Guatemala, and even Cuba. We’ve just got to be ready. We know the players that we’ll have on the field and what they’re capable of. If we click, we’re going to score six goals, and seven goals. But if we win 1-0 it’s still a “W” and we move forward in the tournament.”

On allowing the one goal in against Belize:

“We’ve got to clean some stuff up on free kicks and set pieces. You never want to let goals in, but again it comes down to getting three points, and we’ve done that and we’re moving forward.”

On having Tony Beltran and Kyle Beckerman on the team with him:

“It’s great to have those two involved with this team, and they definitely deserve it. As you’ve seen, they can play out there at this level. And to have those guys out there representing not only the United States, but also Real Salt Lake it is special.”

On RSL being at top of table, and Rio Tinto hosting its second USMNT this summer:

“It’s grown. It’s grown all over America. I’m happy that it’s grown in the state that I play professional soccer in. It’s taken off a while since being at Rice-Eccles and having our own stadium and having our fans come out and support us. We’ve proven that we’re one of the best states in America to host these games. So I’m excited to be out there to represent Real Salt Lake and the United States.”

On how many people hit him up for tickets to this game:

“I don’t know. I keep my phone off.”

On whether he’s talked Juergen into breakfast at the Park Café or Eggs in the City:

“No, not yet. Everything will kind of be at the hotel, but he’ll probably ask for some kind of recommendation if we have some time off.”

On staying in a hotel in Salt Lake:

“It’s strange. I have my family coming to pick me up right now for dinner. Any loose time I’ll be spending with them, and then back here to sleep and prepare for the game.”

On what he expects of the crowd at Rio Tinto:

“It’s going to be great. They never fail to amaze me. We had some great crowds in Portland and Seattle. I think that Salt Lake City wants to match that and hopefully be up and passionate like they always are.”

On his position as the Gold Cup goalkeeper and how that could translate into World Cup:

“I just play every day like it’s my last. Doors always open. You continue to play hard and do your job. My role right now is a little bit different than when Timmy and Brad are in. Any role that Juergen gives me to be a part of this team, I’ll take. Right now it’s on the field and doing my duties there. When it’s not, I’ll do my duties off the field.”

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