On how different it was going to be playing at Rio Tinto with someone other than RSL:

“I was just in the room thinking how unusual it is to stay in a hotel in my home town. So it will be a little bit strange, but it will be special. The fact that I’m with the US Men’s National Team and I get to play at Rio Tinto in front of my own fans, in front of my family – it’s fantastic.”

On his thoughts about the success that the US team has had in last two matches:

“Scoring that many goals over the course of two games is certainly encouraging. It’s a good tone to set for the tournament.”

On whether or not the competition for depth keeps the USMNT from being complacent after two lopsided victories:

“The fact that it’s a long tournament and we’re all elite players – so there’s a lot of competition. That’s what you want in this environment. We’re pushing each other day-in and day-out.”

On the recent turnaround of the USMNT:

“I don’t think it’s anything drastic. There are a lot of players that interchange through the various camps, but they’re all good players. All of those teams have been capable. The fact is Belize and Guatemala – those are teams that we should beat.”

On what he thinks Klinsmann expects from him in order to see some playing time:

“I know what I need to do, and it’s just continue working hard every day in training, showing Juergen and the rest of the staff that I do belong here and they made the right decision to call me in and if they call upon me to come onto the field, I’m ready to step in.”

On the fact that Salt Lake seems to be a bit of a focal point for soccer in this country with two USMNT matches this summer and RSL atop MLS tables:

“It’s interesting, we’re the smallest market in MLS, the smallest market in the country, but we’ve built such a special thing here. We have a fantastic stadium with fantastic supporters and it’s so great that the US Men’s National team wants to come back. They want to play here twice a year and I don’t think that’s happening at any other venue – so big props to Salt Lake City and Real Salt Lake.”

On his goals in being with the USMNT:

“The fact is this is the biggest stage there is.  This is the US Men’s National Team and the World Cup is a year away. I want to show the coaches that I belong in this group, that I deserved to be called in, and that I deserve to be called in in the future. The Gold Cup is an international stage and I want to earn some playing time and step in there and make a mark.”

On whether or not his 3rd callup is a little more comfortable than the first:

“I feel that each time it does get a little bit more familiar. I know the trainers. I know the entire coaching staff. I know a lot of the players personally, but still nothing changes the fact that the moments are fleeting. You’ve got to come in here and work very hard because the fact is I could never get called in again.”

On whether or not he’ll miss being with RSL this weekend in Dallas:

“I feel bad leaving the guys stranded on that one. If there is a game to miss it’s certainly any game in Texas in the summer, but it will be a hot one here as well – a mid-day game.”

On how weird it feels to be away from RSL when they have a match:

“I’ve spent the last five and a half years of my life with those guys day-in and day-out and just fighting for my club. It is strange to be away, especially for such a long time. In the past going away for a week with the national team, but a month is a very long time.  But the guys are great. The coaching staff is great. They’re texting me before and after the games. So I wish them all the best and I know they do the same for me.”

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